Northwest VALLEY DEMOCRATS - our club

  • President - Maria Bears
  • Vice President - Lonna Fischer
  • Treasurer - Jan Martinez
  • Secretary - Margaret Cordovano
  • Member at Large - Ken Kovach
  • Member at Large - Margarita Silva
  • Member at-large - Ginger Pottenger
  • Membership Chair - Kathy Scherich


The elected board for 2023

(Left to Right) Lonna Fischer, Vice President | Jan Martinez, Treasurer | Ginger Pottenger, Member at Large | Maria Bears, President | Frank Copple, Political Action Chair and Margaret Cordovano, Secretary



  • FaceBook - Create and maintain Club FaceBook page, updating as needed with current information.
  • Greeters  - Greet attendees at Club meetings and similar events, focusing on making new attendees feel welcome
  • Hospitality - Arrange for and serve refreshments at meetings
  • Membership- Promote Club membership by providing information to potential members, making membership forms available at meetings, on website and by email, and by collecting dues.
  • Political Action - Identify issues and determine courses of action available to Club members in areas such as civil rights, women’s issues, health care, climate change, Social Security and Medicare.
  • PC - Recruit and arrange training for potential Precinct Committee persons in the Sun City West area
  • Programs - Arrange for speakers at Club meetings
  • Publicity- Advertise upcoming meetings and club events in local newspapers, PORA website and other available media.
  • Social - Arrange Club dinners and other major social functions.
  • Elections - excepts nominations for board members and chairs elections.
  • Website - Maintain and update Club website.

Club Information

General membership meeting minutes are available to members on request.  You can contact us at our email address: